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Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
I agree, and I even posted on youtube that this case doesn't deserve a gold award. However, yes the video is long but no offense, he covered a lot more than Dmitry did; some main portions about radiator mounting, and changes rather than just mentioning a triple rad is supported in push pull configuration. And he also picked up a no rubber grommet near the 6 pin cpu cutout that Dmitry didn't..
Well the length of TTLC's videos are not for everyone and his followers have gotten accustomed to getting a cup of coffee/tea with cookies/biscuits (as was discussed in the comments :DD) and settling down to watch an hour long vlog.

He does, in a way, cover more detail, but that is not to say that our reviews are not in-depth. In the 8+min, the review is plenty insightful, and provides a general overview of the features plus our critique.

Also, i've never seen a rubber grommet near the 8-pin, and i dont think its a critique worth mentioning, unless there are clearance issues. :)))
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