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I have tried the PTR and so far it feels similar. So to me, the "nerf" fears are typically overblown. Played both monster power 1 and MP2 in Act 1 and it scales well. I am wearing my act 3 gear, and it seems to be progressing like act 3, at least to me. the new marker for legendary/set drops works nice, really notice it when an item drops. I had one set item drop from a chest and it pinged, showed on the map and the gigantic beam of light really brings the attention to the item.

I have killed the act 1 key warden 2 times now with no key drop, so that works the way they said, which is still random. Also, still a ton of sub-par items for rares, but then my gear is hard to upgrade as it is pretty good now.

Anyway, I think they are making the game a bit easier in some ways, increasing NV stacks and drops, and then making it harder as in allowing you to chose how difficult the mobs will be. All in all, they are making progress. I don't care what anyone says, you can't please everyone anyway, so they are doing a good job trying to please the majority.
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