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Try not to take offense to this.

But I believe you should hold off part searching and planning your build. Its very clear this is new to you and your just googling "Whats the best of ____, and What _____ for hard core gamers". Its awesome that you have come here looking for help, thats what we are here for. But until you go out and read some reviews, look at some benchmarks and learn some basic terms and how things go together. You won't understand any of the advise we are giving you. I think most of us on here will admit we regret decisions in our first... second.. maybe third build. There is no way to avoid this, it always happens. Best thing to try and do is avoid as many as possible. For your current situation here is what I could recommend to you.

Drop the Cosmos II, its WAY to big for your parts to fill and is massive, there are tons of cool looking Mid-tower cases out there that can visually and performance impress you. You're looking at paying anywhere between $300-$350 US for that case (Might be more where you're at not sure) and you wont use it to its full potential, few of us would. You can get a very cool looking case and save yourself a ton of money. Check out the Corsair 600T, its one of the nicest looking mid-tower cases out there right now, or one of the Coolermaster HAF series.

Stick with the GTX680 if you like Nvidia, thats not a bad card at all and will run pretty much anything maxed out on 1 monitor at 1920x1200 and below.

Skip the soundcard, unless your going to drop $300+ on a sound system right now save your money and hold off. Most onboard cards are decent now for any low-mid range speakers.

Motherboard, yes ROG boards are "made for gamers" from asus, mainly it means your paying more money to have that ROG brand and a red color themed motherboard, other Asus boards will do any hard core gamer just fine! A good combo for board and processor is what I have. ( Asus P9X79 Pro + Intel i7 3820 ) It is socket 2011 and overclocks very well on a H100 cooler. Stock speed is 3.8Ghz and I am running mine at 4.8Ghz right now and can push it further.

To summarize what I am saying.. Spend your money on a solid motherboard + cpu & gpu, get a case that fits your needs and doesn't cost you $350 when you wont use the full case anyways. Get a good quality SSD, and spend the rest of your budget upgrading your monitor. Gaming at 16" is terrible lol. And check out all the reviews/benchmarks you can find!
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