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Originally Posted by EzioAs View Post
There are already Radeon 7870 at $240 on average. AMD already cuts the prices again on the 7800 and 7900 cards just a couple days ago. With MIR, some have even fallen to the $220-230 price point, but maybe MIR shouldn't be counted. A HIS 7870 can even be found at $210 last I checked though they are out of stock now.
A mistake that many people make is to only poll Newegg when doing their price comparisons for these reviews. We typically use a combination of Newegg, Amazon, NCIXUS and Directron. The issue is that AMD and NVIDIA typically use Newegg as a spot for their limited inventory "loss leaders" which gives a very deflated view of the overall market conditions. While Newegg does have great prices, not everyone shops there. I was actually being generous with the HD 7870 as well since its average price (for a reference version) is actually closer to $265 rather than $255.

A good example of that is the HIS HD 7870 you mentioned; a card that had its price cut to loss leader status right before the GTX 660 launch in an effort to deflect attention....only to sell out due to a severely limited supply to begin with.
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