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Originally Posted by Inik View Post
changed my skills to a WW/Tornado barb yesterday night. I also bought a 780 LOH + 250 Str (300dps) offhand sword for 100K yesterday night!

It's really more fun to play! I still need to learn a bit how to use the skills because I'm dying a bit more often in Act3, but I kill things much faster.
I'll usually go Warcry -> Battle Cry -> Bash an enemy to get enough fury for a sprint, then start sprinting around. Once my fury is 2/3 full I'll start to WW through enemies. If there are only a few enemies on screen I'll WW through once, then sprint back to where I WW'd from, then WW again. Usually 2 passes is enough to kill any non elites.

Some things to keep in mind:

Don't try to WW through massive packs of enemies. Even with 1400 LoH I'll still die occasionally when I try that. Instead, WW around the edges of the pack. Once you've thinned them out, feel free to WW right through the middle.

Save your WotB for jailer/frozen/vortex/fear bosses. That cooldown sucks, and you don't want to have it stuck on cooldown when fighting a boss that has one of those affixes. I still haven't mastered keeping Thrive on Chaos up long enough that it's always available.

Always keep Battle Cry & Sprint up - you'll go out of fury fast without them.

I saw you added me as a friend yesterday, but I don't have a lot of time to play this week - maybe this weekend I can jump in a game with you.

Spin to win!
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