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Originally Posted by ultraman7k View Post
Also is the digital collector's edition worth it, or are the items just, meh.

I got burned by SWOTR's digital

I assume you mean the digital deluxe edition? I got the preorder digital deluxe edition, but TBH I'm only using an item I got from PREORDER, not from the digital deluxe stuff. Collectors doesn't get you anything ingame compared to the digital deluxe.
The minipet (Rytlock) may give you a point if they make a minipet collecting achievement like in GW1, although just like GW1 they're not going to make it mandatory to have a digital deluxe edition to max out anything.
I'll let you know when I fire off the Summon Mistfire Wolf skill, as I'm at lvl 19 and I can't use it until lvl 30. In A-Net fashion though, I can't imagine it giving an in-game advantage, although someone is sure to put it in some strange build that has a very limited use. If it ends up being too powerful, it will be the first skill to be nerfed in a following update.
The 1-use items aren't worth it unless you're in a guild that wants to max something right away (which I assume you aren't since you're asking that question). The Golem Banker is speculated to only last 5 days (which essentially makes it a 1-use item): Talk:Golem Banker - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
Even if it's something like one use every five days it would only be useful in dungeons, since there's so many merchants around the game world and you can even access your bank from crafting stations (e.g. cooking station, leatherworking station).
My guild is actually waiting to fire off our Tome of Influence items because so much guild stuff is bugged right now (inviting members has an odd laggy delay, server populations all over the place).

In my opinion, get the regular edition. My purchase of the deluxe edition was an impulse buy, and that $20 would've been better spent on getting me real food rather than what my school calls food .
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