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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Unless your planning to seriously push overclocks the maximus extreme and platinum PSU is a waste...

Sabertooth if you want to stay premium and even the P8Z77 v or V Pro will be plenty for what you need.. all good overclockers and stable.

I would drop to a single 670 as it's more than enough for single screen of that size and will be a better base if you decide to go for multi-monitors or a large res screen later and then need SLI.

Also the PSU is a bit overkill.. 1000 Watt is way more than you need.. as said above, I would suggest an 850 watt for that rig even with SLI, Something like a corsair TX 850V2 will be more than enough and it's Seasonic built so still quality..

Other than those points, All looks good.

That sounds really solid. Thanks for your input. I did forget to mention that I would be running a triple monitor display though. My dad was actually able to snag me those monitors for free from his workplace. (I guess his division of the company he is working for is shutting down so they were basically giving stuff away.)

I have already purchased the case, mobo, processor, and the GPU's.

I will admit I'm fairly new to the whole overclocking aspect of computers, but my dad has been working with computers for over 30 years now and I'm sure he can help me out. I won't be doing any liquid nitrogen or anything to that extent; probably only about 4.5-4.7 on the cpu itself at the very top of the scale)

Thank you for your input though. I am still thinking on the PSU. There are a lot of good brands out there and I'm still only positive on SeaSonic and Corsair. I've heard plenty of good things about both. I was wondering if you guys have any other suggestions on good PSU as well?

While running 2 660ti's I know 1000W is overkill but it leaves me room for expansion, and for the degradation of the PSU itself over the course of 4-5 years.
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