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Well I'm finally all set up.

It seems that even though that box splitter works that I mentioned I can hear a bit of noise out of my speakers (with no music/audio playing) as the amp is amplifying a low signal that the box outputs even without any sound (aka the box outputs a low signal). I was fiddling around with the 3.5mm to digital audio and found that the channels (left and right) were finally playing just left or right (rather then booth). I then proceeded to hook up my centre speaker and sub woofer (don't have the rear speakers wired yet) and found I wasn't getting any audio out to them when I was playing music. Turns out I had to enable the Dolby surround sound (after enabling the windows surround sound) and turn on the base output.

Now I'm playing 3.1 (eventually 5.1) and it really sounds great. The only slight downside to my setup is that even if my speakers are off, sometimes I'll still get the bass "playing" as it is powered and I tend to not turn it off (hassle to get to it and turn it off).

I doubt I'll get to taking any pictures of my set up anytime soon (the living room is a frigin mess, along with my desk, I need to get some of my stuff sold in the B/S/T along with someone to locally buy my 4U server case and my stand-by receiver/5.1 surround sound and my back from the shop repaired Onkyo receiver).
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