Thread: Work in progress Redoing my rig air to watercool
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Originally Posted by Stukka View Post
Looks good man, With some cable management it could look even better!

Could not agree more, that is one of the drawbacks of a big tall case, every normal sized cable that comes with anything you buy needs to be replaced, so i need to start looking at extended sata cables, and i need to find an extension for the usb cable for the multi io thats in the 3.5 floppy bay.

will try do that when i get a new rad, although i am not sure i need another rad, temperatures have been amazing, especially with the gpu, with the stock cooling i had to keep my case door open at all times or it would over heat. idle used to be 50c and up to 70c while gaming, its now idle 39c with a high of 48 so far while gaming.
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