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My System Specs

Default new headset/cans time..

As the title says, time for a new headset...

Currently have corsair HS1's and have previously had Sennheiser..

Looking around the $100 mark as I need to get a soundcard too..
(could push to 150 or more if it's REALLY justified, ie ticks every single box for sound quality, mic quality, comfort, build quality etc)

So.. my question.. what the hell do I buy?

Ideally... they will have really good sound for music but also great directional for games..
Looking for the best of an all-rounder.. Doesn't need to have a mic but would be a big bonus if it did
(and is good quality.. hate cheap mic's which is why I'm replacing the HS1's.. finally had enough.)

So.. cans or headset.. stereo or 5.1.. I'm open to all options.. But I REALLY want the best for my money..

The HS1's are brilliant for 3 things... comfort, usb sound (I find it handy), build quality..
bad for.. sound quality.. not bad.. just not very good. the mic.. is atrocious.. They are a lil heavy

You know I'm no audiophile, however I can hear good quality from bad and the HS1's were good enough but not brilliant (knew they were going to be anyway cos of USB sound) and not worth the $100 I paid for them

So far I've looked at Roccat kave, various Sennheiser and Koss, bose and the new vengence corsair 1300's.. am open to all brands and points.. kaves are currently leading the way.
list of available stuff can be found here:
It is in Ukrainian/ Russian so chrome or some kind of translation may be needed to navigate properly.

Second point.. looking for a mid range sound-card.. needs to be able to drive whatever headset/cans I get and also my 2.0 speakers (preferably separately.. ie sound out of one and not the other.)
Was thinking of the Xonar DX.. comments?

I don't really have allot of money to throw around on this.. so I would like these to do me till my next big computer upgrade at least (3 years minimum) hence the long ass post..

P.S. what mic if cans are suggested?

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