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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Well the Galaxy S was deemed too old to receive any further support, even though it was one of their most popular phones. I can kind of understand why though, ~370MB of RAM isn't really enough to be running ICS. It definitely has it's moments of lag which newer phones (Galaxy Nexus, One S/X, etc) don't have. Though I think it's more of a way to "force" you to buy a new phone. Android devices don't have the blind followers like iPhone where people go and buy the new model just because it's new.

I think I might upgrade to the SGS3 in a couple weeks when it's released. 2GB of RAM + LTE sounds nice, although $599 is a bit much IMO. No more contracts or tabs for me. I'll have to see and feel the device in person though. The HTC One S has impressed me, but the 1650mAH battery and lack of microSD turn me off.
I've never run into any issues whatsoever with regards to my phone lagging on ICS. Maybe I just don't have a crap ton of things trying to run at the same time, personally I enjoy running as little as I can to help optimize it's performance. I've been doing that since I bought then phone nearly 2 years ago.

Personally I think I'll wait till my contract is done and see what the phone market looks like in a year (plus where I'll be living/working in a year, may end up in the states).
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