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The Galaxy S3 looks to be good. Here is one thing to consider (and I am wondering if anybody else has seen or eard of this).

Out here in Ajax, LTE coverage is spotty at best (its not officially deployed here, but in the southern par of town you can get a signal). I am having issues where my phone drops connectivity once in a while...and I noticed it happened mostly when I was in the part of town where LTE sometimes worked.

I went to Bell to swap out my SIM card (as I was told a bad SIm could cause some of the issues I saw) and the lady at Bell told me that she had the LTE Note, and had the same thing happen to her. She changed the data type to GSM/HSPA only and never saw the issue after.

She said that other LTE devices have shown the same symptoms. So if you are getting the S3 keep an eye on that. I only had the SIM swapped yesterday and have not had a chance to test this as of yet.
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