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Originally Posted by raghu78 View Post
Next you are going to complain that its unfair that AMD released HD 7970 before GTX 680. I can't believe this line of argument. When improvements happen and its seen why would anybody object. Until that its speculation.
There has been no claim that AMD's advantage in having more time for driver optimizations is unfair.

However, claiming that there is no difference between new drivers and mature drivers is contradictory to reality. GCN has benefitted from time in the market; it is reasonable to expect Kepler to see similar gains. Thus, if a card with mature drivers and a price tag $80 higher for reference versions or $110 higher for overclocked and custom-cooled versions is competitive with the GTX 670, should we not expect the gains AMD's already demonstrated to push Kepler well ahead of its current competition?

AMD had the price-performance advantage for gamers. It doesn't any more. It gave it up in its pursuit of higher profit margins (entirely reasonable) and better GPGPU (enterprise market is a lucrative target).

But hey, as you pointed out you're Brahmin, which means your opinion should count much more heavily than those whose birth into a caste system does not indicate their soul's ascendance.