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Originally Posted by ADay2Long View Post
Personally I uninstalled the game after I saw the comments OMGPOP's CEO made about the employees that left after they were purchased by Zynga.

Yes very poor taste indeed. He received a lot of flak for it, like with replies from Notch and even the CEO of Twitter. I don't blame the employee for not wanting to work for a game company that actually DETERS creativity and originality.

Very true to the article I eventually gave up playing, just do to the work involved in playing it. I bought the app for 99c so you get to choose from more words to draw, but most people had the free version so I was still guessing the same words over and over. Not to mention the terrible drawings of stick figures and super simple drawings lol :P Just got to be too much.

But boy did they ever sell at the right time eh!
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