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My System Specs

Default Possible PSU failure?

This one is really driving me crazy. These are the system specs for the computer of a one of the guys I work with.

2 x 2 GB Kingston Hyper X
Asus Stirker Extreme (replaced by eVGA nForce 680i SLI)
2 x 8800 Ulltras in SLI
way too many HDDs running in 3 x Win7 software raid set ups
Therrmaltake TP-850

He was given the system by a neighbour who was leaving the coutnry and he didn't want to take it with him.

Basically, the system was shut down using the windows shut down button, when it is restarted all the fines light up, hdds spin, all the fans go, but the system will not post. He brings it into me and I strip it down. All the other components....cpu,ram,gpu,hdd all work fine in my s775 set up (even tested folding). Swap my stuff to his original motherboard....everything spins up, no post. So I suspected motherboard failure, the TP-850 psu powers on no problem

There are no visible caps blown/bulging. CMOS has been cleared, CMOS jumper is in place, there are no visible scorch marks or charring anywhere on the board.

Another co worker brings in the eVGA board for him and gives it to him for free. I put all his components on the motherboard (less a few hdds) and it posts no problems at all fist try, everything works as intended...fold test the system, everything seems to be working okay.

Return the system to him, and then four days later he gives me a call...same problem, with the same results.....all his components work fine on my system.

What I now think is that on shut down the psu is over volting, but can't be sure as I don't see anything on either of the boards themselves. Am I even barking up the right tree here?
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