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Default Tutorial Project: Nš2


The aim of this tutorial project is to put togueter a series of smaller tutorials/how to on individual things.
Customizing a fan controller, painting a drive, and so on an so forth. All of these mini-tutorials will be posted as seperate threads.
This thread will be the main one focusing more on the whole build.
These are an initiative of the main sponsor, Lamptron.

Other sponsors that have helped out with this project are:

Thank you all, specially Chris @ Lamptron and Teseo @ Benchmark Hardware for their never ending support.

Right, so letīs start!

We will be using a very basic case, the entry level "Isis" by B-Move:

And we strip it down:

Edit (note by Burnout21 over @ Bit Tech):
A good idea is de-rivetting the top side, that way we can trully get all the panels off which will make for a better finish. I didnīt on this particular case as all areas where easily accesible, but this isnīt normally what happens with most cases)

Edit (note by nagyizom over @ Bit Tech): Another good idea is to remove those ugly fan grills at the back and replace them with our own. Obviously this a matter of your own personal taste, itīs easy enough to do and wonīt cause you any major troubles). This may or may not give you better noise reduction and airflow (depending on the specific case of course).

The first change Iīm going to do is prepare the side for a window. If you feel you want a normal square window, thereīs nothing wrong with that, go ahead, you can aply the same steps as I will be doing. Personally, I like something different, so Iīm going to be doing a series of triangular shapes.

Thereīs many ways of doing this, but Iīm going to explain the way I do it. I tape out the area to cut, in order to use the tape as a guideline, you can use drawn lines if you like, personally I preffer this way as with a normal line I end up not being able to see it due to the sparks that come when cutting.

Edit (note by nagyizom over @ Bit Tech): If youīve never used a dremel, you will provably find it easier using a jigsaw, it should also give you a nice straight line. Personally I find tape for guiding and a steady dremel hand is good enough, again, itīs your choice.

Ok remember to ALWAYS use safety gogles when working with any kind of power tool. I use a dremel for this kind of modification, but really any kind of rotatory tool will do as long as itīs the right size.

Edit (note by DeathPrincess over @ [H]ard Forum): Thank you very much for reminding me of this!! I forgot about mentioning it. For this specific job I use the dremel discs line number 420 (Heavy Duty Cut Off wheel), you can get 20 of these for about 7-8€ in your local hardware store.

First section cut off:

And the rest...

Now, it still needs to be cleaned up for smooth edges but I felt like testing it on the rest of the case to get an idea of the look:

Yeah, I quite like that.

Edit (note by RustyTool over @ KustomPCs): RustyTool has a decent point here. Notice how part of the triangle windows are right on top of the bays. Depending on the case and on your intentions for interior design, you may or may not choose to do these as all you can see through them are the bays. On a personal note. If youīre using older cases, make sure that you have enough space between the window and the chasis to fit the plexy.

More soon : )

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