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Default 6650M not being utilized

Hey everyone, this is my first thread on this forum, I recently have ran into a problem with my laptop. It is an ASUS K53TA, the specs include an AMD A6-3400M, a AMD Radeon HD 6520G (integrated into APU), a AMD Radeon HD 6650M, and the usual RAM (8 gigs). My 6650M is not being utilized at all, they are both listed in my device manager though. I've tried to reset it back to factory probably over 15 times, I lost count. The partition is not working whatsoever. When i first got the computer I was getting a blue screen and it told me to disable the BIOS memory options. In my head I did not want to risk breaking the thing so I first called ASUS support and they told me to use the partition on the hard drive so I did. The blue screen errors are now gone but i have the problem that my 6650M is not being recognized, or used. Oh, and after the BIOS memory option blue screens, when I was updationg the graphics drivers I would get another blue screen and it would say something like ATIKMGDAG.sys. So there is probably something wrong with the drivers because I have updated BIOS, downloaded the latest drivers and ran a driver sweeper and then put the new ones on, disabled crossfire then re-enabled, basically everything from what I know. All of my GPU-Z readings are in the attachments. I hope that someone can finally help me out and get this pain re-enabled. Thanks to all!
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