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Originally Posted by YukonTrooper View Post
I hope the pace of the drama is slowed down a bit in the full version. I didn't mind the direction Bioware went with ME2, but the drama feels very rushed and forced now. For example, the whole invasion of Earth scene I thought could have been fleshed out way more. Earth in crisis is dramatic enough, no need to have everything jammed into one cinematic sequence. On the other hand, the escape vessels being shot down with the kid inside was good drama.
I get the feeling that it will be fleshed out more in the full game.

I did find out that I can't pre-order the collectors edition from futureshop in the store. I can do it online but not in store. Kind of sucks as I don't want to have to wait for it to be shipped to me. Then it is sold out on the Best Buy site and I don't see the collectors edition on EBgames and it is not available on yet. I guess I will have to order it from Futureshop and hope either it gets here on time or I will have to get it some other way until it comes in, although I really don't want to.
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