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Yep HWC vs NCIX would be good.

....But thats canadawars.....NOT Chimp Challenge.

I have more bad news too : Folding @ home is not designed for massively paralell machines a.k.a. 'supercomputers' , so thats out , it won't run.

....and going against hpcs is no fun....It's 500 of exactly the same machine , and we know thier output is 10 times what our is.


Back to the discussion.

We're the underdog winner from last year.Personally , I don't think HWC should be involved in any way with the rules.We can organize / help /etc , but I think the winner should have no vote on the rules.

That way , when we win again defending our title , we can say "Cram it up your ass" when people whine.

But I digress.

I think we need to ask eVGA what they think the rules should be , making it fair for everyone.

And I think we should involve [H]ocp too......I doesnt seem right having a chimp challenge without em.

I know they've sworn it off , but If we ( all teams) could come up a decent guidline/ruleset , mebbie they'd be in.

Food for thought.
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