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Default Firegl x2 AGP 4x/8x on Tyan thunder K7 don't work

Me again!

another problem

I've got a Tyan Thunder K7 which has a AGP Pro 50 4x slot. I want to put my FireGL x2 256t into this thing but i get a blank screen and a "no signal" on my monitor.

I've been readin up on the spec (and reading anyting that pertains to tyan k7 and firegl x2) and i can 't find a clue as to why it won't work.

The Tyan k7 has a "Universal AGP Pro 50 4x" slot that should accept cards with both a 3.3v and a 1.5v notch (AGP 2x/4x). My FireGl x2 only has a 1.5v slot and it is a 8x agp card with compatability with 4x slot (i used to use it with my dual P3 933 with no problem so i know its compatable with agp 4x)

Right now im using a Nvidia 6600gt 256 on my Tyan k7 without a problem. The 6600gt also is an 8x card with a 4x compatablility; however, this card has a 3.3v notch AND a 1.5v notch while my Firegl only has a 1.5v notch.

Both the 6600 and the FireGL are NOT AGP pro and they don't have to be to work in an AGP Pro 50 slot. And both these cards have an extra power jack that needs to be hooked up to the power supply.

It puzzzles. I"ve tried and tried the FireGL just won't work!

I hate computer

This is frustrating

I would like to use the FireGL on my machine

Vancouver Canucks will emerge as the victor in the playoffs

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