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My System Specs


It depends what are you looking for: $$$/ppd, or W/ppd? Obviously for base investment, GPU folding is the way to go. But power-wise, the GPUs are real hogs... the other option is 2p /4 p rigs. This is where W/ppd is the real champ. A 2p rig with dual 6128s can produce ~90k ppd. A 4p like mine can do in excess of 500k ppd. Power consumption is ~300w for the 2p, and 525w for the 4p. There is not a GPU farm out there than can even come close to those numbers. Also add in the equation the noise and heat generated by the GPUs.

I used to GPU fold, and decided to invest in a 4p rig instead. Noise, power consumption and heat are all down, ppd is incredible. But it's an investment: 900$ for the board, 500$ per chip...
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