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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Marute View Post
Ya, I never counted on getting a laptop with desktop performance and save money in the process. The point entirely was that perhaps I could save some money by not going overkill with my buy according to my needs which are not that demanding compared to many other people. But on the other hand, the desktop will last longer in terms of performance and is easier to upgrade by far. And if I had a screen and a keyboard already, the desktop would be cheaper.

But in general, is it stupid to buy laptops other than for school and normal internet surfing? Should one focus on either Nvidia or ATI graphics and how many cores would you recommend on the processor?

Finally I'm curious as to why some brands charge so insanely much for their laptops? For instance the new Razer Blade which I read should ship at a cost of 2700US$ with a GT555m and a i7 cpu (I believe). Same goes for Alienware, Falcon Northwest and other manufacturers. Are you paying like 1000-2000+$ for the brand or what is going on here?
It's part brand, part software and part form factor, obviously if you have a single piece aluminium shell your laptop is going to be a bit more expensive. Or if it is only an inch thin and you can pack that much performance in there it is difficult to make a good enough cooling solution for such a thin beast.

The razer blade is super thin, has a solid aluminium chasis, has decent battery life, and has their own razer switchblade gaming pad on it. That combined with the razer brand is why you are paying $2700.

It can't be easy to fit a GT 555m in something 22mm thick (thinner than a case fan)
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