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Originally Posted by Marute View Post
Hi all,

If you want to skip the story and jump ahead to the point, go to the fat text below…

I don’t know if I’m on a mission impossible here but sometimes the world of computer hardware is a confusing place. Therefore I thought I’d ask for some assistance.

So I’m looking around for a new computer and was actually pretty settled on a desktop with a i5-2500, 4GB, GTX560 (1080US$) but now I’m confused whether I’d rather want a laptop because I’ll need a screen and a keyboard as well for the desktop, and then suddenly the price starts to run pretty high and because I fear that the above specs will actually be too much for my actual needs – perhaps… And you can hardly find a system with anything lower that’s worth it.

So here comes my (maybe) mission impossible: Looking for an affordable laptop with at least 17” screen that will run games like Dawn of War II, Diablo 3 and perhaps even Star Wars: The Old Republic and similar games at preferably very good settings at a nice frame rate. Now I suppose that shouldn’t be too hard but next question is if it could be done for around the same price range as the above describe desktop system: about 1000-1100US$ thus making it cheaper than the desktop with screen and keyboard but still adequate for my needs. I keep running in to brands like Alienware with 3500US$ for a 18” laptop or MSI with up to 2000US$+, and that is just so expensive I can hardly comprehend why.

So to sum up:
I’m looking for a minimum 17” screen laptop that will run games like Dawn of War 2, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and perhaps Star Wars: The old Republic at nice settings (higher the better) at good frame rates (higher the better) at a price of 950-1100US$. Is it possible? Recommendations? I was thinking something like an i5 processor of sorts and 4GB ram. I know very little of laptop graphics so I don’t know what to look for. Feel free to enlighten me.

Totally possible. I've seen Acer and Asus machines that have i5 procs with 5 series nvidia cards with 17" screens.
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