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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
You should have a look at my pcx2000 only one way to route since clearance behind the MB is 1-2mm, is down the rear front, ie : deep front. It is back a few pages but still one hell of a clean build.

IDK I still see a jumble of wires at the top of the case there. j/k That's a really clean build.

I do see what you mean however I don't want to bother sleeving a non modular power supply it's just not worth it. Probably would have had a little better cable management with a fully modular PSU though and proper length SATA cables. Maybe someday.

Originally Posted by r0k0 View Post
Silent Avenger... the Coolermaster Stacker 830 was probably the worst lol
Oh yea I forgot about that case. You think it wouldn't have hurt for CM to add an extra cm or two behind the mobo tray. Not like it's really gonna matter for a full tower case anyways.
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