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Default Dashocks water cooling with "The Vortex Solution"

Alright i figured since there a lot of other people wanting to dip into water cooling and a lot of noobs to like myself i think its helpfull to have a good detailed step by step instruction of the setup as its hard to find a good setup because a lot is out of date. This setup was inspired by Captain Vortexs " Vortex Solution" with a mix of some of my own pickings to make things more interesting i guess. So before i start i wanna thank Vortex for recommending these components and other forum members that have given me advice.

Alright lets get down to the parts ( Vortex Solution modified )

Alright as you can see above these are the parts this is just Part 1 of the order because i have to buy two more fans for a Push/Pull confiquration on my Radiator which means i only have 2 fans at the moment and i will need 4. Captain Vortex recommends the Scythe Ultra Kaze's but i find the lowest model just does not have the kick you will need looking at reviews from the net. But if you can stand the sound the Ultra Kaze 2000 rpm model but at full speed it can be kind of loud but if you use a Fan controller it can hinder the sound for you. This is a route im thinking about as the extra cfm might come in handy but i don't know yet.

This is the additional components i need.

Alright before i get into why i need these parts here is an outline of my case.

Alright My Case is a Thermaltake Matrix VB model its made of all Aluminium and weighs at 2 pounds i shit you not. One of the reasons i bought it back in the day was for its weight anyways but the problem is its quiet a small case and we need to free up some of that space in the bottom so we can take out that 3.5 hard drive cage so that is why we need the Thermaltake Icage 5.25 it lets you moves those hard drives to top bays so you can have more space in the bottom. ( P.S do not talk aboot hideous cable management ill have it sorted out before the end of this log i promise )

The Artic Cooling Mx-2 is thermal paste and reviews around the web show its better then the good ole Godfather Artic Silve 5 that we have all come to love. Anyways since i want the most out of my setup i felt the 7 dollar charge was justified and it shows an average of 2-5 celcius difference from AS5 so why not.

The Ngear chrome grills are for the fans to try to minimize dust and not get your fingers hurt. The Swiftech Smartcoils 625 is the only one compatible with 7/16 tubing i bought the green Swiftech Smartcoil 500 is NOT compatible with 7/16 tubing. I buying an extra set of barbs so i can change the Nylon barbs on the Apogee GT to these ill have pictures of this later. And last im probbaly going to choose 2 more Noctua Fans just because putting a fan controller in there will make a mess of my space and might get messy but i dont know i might change my mind and buy some Ultra Kaze 2000rpm models.

Alright lets get down to the Specs of my system (AMD FAN BOY)

Amd X2 4200 939 2.6ghz at 1.45 volts (Air Cooling)
Asus A8n-sli Deluxe Motherboard
XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog edition at 700mhz/1800mhz/1900mhz ( Zalman Vf-900 cooler)
OCZ DDR-400 2gb Performance Kit
OCZ 600 watt GameXstream PSU
Seagate 7200.10 320 Gb
Seagate 7200.11 500 Gb
1 Antec Spot Cool fan
1 Antec Tri-Cool fan ( Gonna use to blow right on the Apogee GT/RAM)

Alright so thats basically my rig that im going to work with, i have the option to watercool my motherboard and video card but my motherboard temps are pretty low and my Zalman Vf-900 keeps my 8800gt pretty dam cool max load at 51 degrees Celcius. Heres a few pics of the card with the new cooler.

For a full review i have a review done with this cooler and setup under member reviews if anyone wants to change their cooler to this setup!

Ill be putting together this systems setup in the next coming weeks ill make sure to take a lot of pics and if anyone wants me to add anything along the way just tell me cheers.
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