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Kapt.. I gaurantee if you do the same search for any Asus or Creative card you'll find THOUSANDS of forum posts going back 10 years in creative's case. Asus doesn't give two shits about the customer and neither does creative. Having dealt with both companies in the past. Creative email support turned into a swear fest until I got a response other than an automatic reply. And the asus card simply went back to the store. The one constant with every single piece of computer hardware on this planet. The End User. Don't misunderstand me Kapt I like you dude... but you're wrong on this one. Auzentech's ONLY link to creative is the XFI chip and that is where it ends.

To the OP I would probably go with the Forte and two of the main reasons why:
--Headphone & Microphone Amplifiers: X-Fi Forte includes an Integrated Headphone Amplifier and Microphone Pre-Amplifier. You can now listen to your Hi-Fi Headphone and use your professional Mic on your desktop PC, as well as enjoying audiophile-quality audio.
-- PCI-e 1x. Most people have these on their mobo's but never use them. You can stick these in ANY pci-e port on your mobo it doesnt matter. Thus future proofing yourself on the next computer build. PCI slots will be a thing of the past before long.

Surprisingly not all sound cards out there have Amplifiers and let me tell you... some games absolutely need this.

In any case it's up to you... I am giving you the best advice I can based on owning cards from each company. - Canada's Premier Computer Store - Online PC Discount Store, Buy Computer Accessories
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