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Default Re: PC Issues (BSOD and EVGA GTX 560 Ti Problems)


I did try using different power ports on the PSU. On my brother's card, which I believe is a GTS 250, it ran on both of the 6-Pin Connectors used with the PSU. Since it's modular, I tried both standard connectors and a new Modular 6-Pin Connector, with no changes.

I may ask about the BIOS flashing later, KaptCrunch, should it come down to that.

EDIT: The card uses 6-Pins, not 8-Pins, but they were plugged in correctly, yes.


I was asked about heating issues on the card the other day, but since it only worked the one day, I haven't had a chance to check things out since it stopped working.


I'm not 100% sure about the memory, but I will test it out. It did show 8.00 GB in the Computer Properties (Windows Index Rating screen), plus the BIOS shows 8192MB in memory, and that's throwing me. I will test it, though.

I'll check out those programs and run them to see if that cleans things up. I saw some mention of them before, but wanted to check and see what was recommended first-hand, so I don't download bad programs. Can all of the testing/cleaning programs you mentioned be run in Safe Mode, or will I need to fix the Windows issues first?
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