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Originally Posted by Freezern View Post
Thank you for all the great answers.

I wasn't trying to bring your decision into question or anything, I was simply surprised.
Wherever I go, the Corsair H series watercoolers take massive flak from both aircooling and watercooling users.
Imagine my surprise when you esteemed professionals declared a Corsair H80 the cooler of the year 2011(and top 10 of the 21st century).

I personally like them, especially for their small presence on the motherboard.
Those people giving them flak have never tried them and if they would they would like them. I have done the watercooling route and won't do it again based on costs and little gain with current processors. Before when the 65nm processors and some 45nm processors were out when you overclocked them they dumped massive amounts of heat that at times would require watercooling to keep things under control.

I have also done air cooling with most of the big dogs out there including ones from Zalman, Tuniq, True and a few others. When I tried the H50 for the first time I was blown away at how well something so small and simple was working so well.

Then they released the revisions and constantly improve a economical cooler that was easy for anyone to use in a large variety of cases.

This amongst many other reasons is why the H80 won for.
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