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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Freezern View Post
Thank you for all the great answers.

I wasn't trying to bring your decision into question or anything, I was simply surprised.
Wherever I go, the Corsair H series watercoolers take massive flak from both aircooling and watercooling users.
Imagine my surprise when you esteemed professionals declared a Corsair H80 the cooler of the year 2011(and top 10 of the 21st century).

I personally like them, especially for their small presence on the motherboard.

They make even more sense now that you have X79 and RAM Slots on both sides of the CPU socket.
To help get things out of the way but still provide excellent cooling the H series is really where its at.
I find everyone gives the H series and the Coolits and the Antec ones flak until they actually are in situations where they prove there worth.

For me, it was a matter of either buying $185 RAM that Would fit under my HS or spending $75 on a H50 and keeping my Tridents.
Naturally, we know which one won out.


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