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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Would be nice to get some precise measurements from the top of the inside of the case to the edge of the motherboard so I know if I can fit my SR-1 360 up there or not

I need precision within 1mm though since LR claims "about" 50mm of space, but my radiator is 54mm.

And I assume 25mm fans fit under the top cover without any issue?
I've got the same rad. It was hard to tell how fans would fit the top as you mention JD.

I also wonder how easy it will be to hide a bunch of cables away with the open mobo tray on the right side (edit...this is only when the HDD tray is removed..). That said, the size of this case is deceptive in the video, until you see the mobo installed so there might be more room to hide them than it appears. Looking forward to seeing some full watercooling setups with a bunch of fans installed in this thing.

Looks like a great case for watercooling or air, or both. Might be something I would move into at some point as long as the promised rad space is available.
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