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Well with everything unplugged it still wouldn't start but would go into the Bios. It then would only allow me to enter the raid utility after that so that told me something was wrong with one of my Hard Drives. I unplugged the Storage one & sure enough system started right up. I lost alot of hours of downloads but oh well what can ya do?

Ok this is messed up. I forgot to mention earlier that I removed the Cmos battery as well as everything else before it started for me right. I just decided to try plugging in the what I thought to be the bad drive & everything worked fine this time? I'm at a loss? Maybe the whole time it was just a matter of resetting the Cmos like sswilson suggested? I'm not exactly sure but it makes me want to immediately back up what I have on these drives before I do lose it!

I appreciate the help though guys thx muchly!

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