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My System Specs

Default New PC build suggestions please......

Hello to all of my northern nieghbors,
This site was suggested to me by Linus from Linus techtips so here I am. I have ordered a new computer before fully reserching LOL story of my life but it is a bit more choatic that way LOL. I ordered thru Cyberpower and I am hoping for the best but here is what I ordered and I ask you for any suggetions or tips you might have. This rig is for gaming and from now on all computer building and upgradeing will be done by me personally gawd help my rig !!!

So here is the build:

Coolermaster HAF X case
Gigabyte G-1 gurrilla X-58 motherboard
Intel 960 proccesor overclocked 20%
12 gb Corsiar XSM 1600 ghz ram
Nvida GTX 570 HD 2.5 gb gpu
1000w Silent Pro power supply
1 tb 7200 6gbs hard drive
240mm water cooler system
blueray-dvd combo player
12 in 1 card reader

I do plan to get a 120gb SSD immidiately and there is a chance the power supply will be upgraded to a 1200w silent pro gold before they ship it. The reason for all the power is I plan to add another gtx 570 hd and run them SLI.Next winter 2012 I plan on going to a intel 3960 chip and new mother board and a 3rd 570hd.Any tips or suggestions would be helpful and appritiated I will post pics of the rig when I get it.
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