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My System Specs


One of the key details is that Windows will no longer be tied to x86 hardware-only. They're finally opening it up to ARM as well. We can make rumours all we want, but it's yet to be seen how MS will take things.

Potentially yes Windows 8 could go onto XBOX, and maybe XBOX will even use ARM? They used Intel in the original XBOX (loosely based on a P3 733MHz). And now IBM's PowerPC in the XBOX360. I know the "update" coming to the XBOX Dashboard has many Metro elements to it and well Kinect works quite nicely with that sort of UI. However, when the XBOX becomes PC-hardware, it opens it up to serious modifications which I don't think MS liked. The original XBOX ran Linux pretty effortlessly...

But I agree, Metro with a keyboard and mouse? No thanks. It just doesn't work. Likewise, Ubuntu 11.04's default GUI is following suit of Metro too with a big app launcher which I also hate using. Hopefully we can retain the "classic" start menu functionality for desktop computing, especially in the enterprise. Although I see us quickly heading to touchscreen AIO desktops and tablets, at least for the general population. The way I see it, society is becoming stupider and doing less and less meaningful work on their computers. Instead they want a small, touch-friendly device, to allow them to check their email, news, Facebook/Twitter and simple games. More of a "lifestyle" device than a "productivity" device or a "gaming" device in most of our cases.
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