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Power Consumption
Standby - 27W

CPU Full Speed - 125W
LinX 0.6.4

Both the CPU and the GPU simultaneously at full speed - 153W
With OCCT running, a test of the power supply

In standby mode, because of the AMD C&Q power-saving technology, power consumption is reduced to only 27W
With the Llano APU platform, the main power consumer is the CPU. At full speed, there is an increase of about 98W in CPU power consumption
In addition, following our comparisons, we believe that the ECS had more outstanding power performance,
and the A75F-A was about 10-20W lower than the previously used A75 platform

3D Test
Internal AMD Radeon HD6550D display driver
3DMark Vantage => P4423

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1920 X 1080 => 57.58 FPS

1920 X 1080 => 947

Built-in 3D performance is the biggest advantage of this platform, and the largest factor boosting the performance level is the DDR3 clock
When combined with top of the line DDR3, taking the setting to 1866 will result in a significant 3D performance boost
The above test data showed the internal 3D almost on a par with the nVIDIA GT430, and slightly better than the AMD Radeon HD5570
Consumers who want to buy entry-level VGA should save their budget with this expenditure

ECS brought the BIOS interface to the UEFI, and this new specification is what most of the motherboard brands have pursued in 2011
Main Screen

Quite good support is provided with options for multiple languages

M.I.B III Overclocking Page
At the top are mainly the CPU multiplier, DDR3 clock and parameter settings
In the middle are current parameters for the DRAM
Below are the CPU FSB overclocking settings. This has a very significant impact on the Llano APU

Voltage Range
CPU Voltage +10 - +500 mV
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