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My System Specs


I'd prefer if the crosshair was left enabled. Maybe make respawn times a little bit faster?

Rest isn't a huge deal, and well whenever I've played online, nobody ever spots a damn thing anyways, other than myself, so not a huge deal there either. I find it very useful, but it seems nobody else takes the effort to do so.

And password? Really? I think that's a bad move. Do we honestly have a full 64 players on here that will be online all the time? I'd much rather leave it public, but have the reserved slots for all those that chipped in money. Everyone else can wait in queue if you really must join the HWC server and it's full. At least via BattleLog this is simple to do, and you can go surfing or whatever while you wait. Maybe if we have some kind of HWC game, then stick a password on for those few hours/day, but in general I'd say leave it open.
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