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Originally Posted by techman95 View Post
After reading alot of other reviews my opinion has been improved alot. reading reviews from guru3D specifically, because for some reason in their review the 8150 keeps up with the 2600k much better and it responded greatly to over clock to a point where in some cases it was able to wipe the floor with it but only in a few cases. i think AMD could have something on their hands if they take the time between now and Q1 to refine the architecture and reduce latency in cache and find a way to improve FPU and scheduler performance. so i just hope to the lord that with a few more steppings maybe to c0 or so this could be pretty darn worthwhile, just hope
My thoughts exactly. I am not going to deny that the FX-8150 was bit of let down, but it definetly helps to read/review multiple reviews to get a better understanding. Will be interesting to see how the reviews will look when FX-8170 rolles around; time will tell. Besides, once the hype settles down so will the prices and the chips will be that much more attractive.
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