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Yes if the preformance is bad across ALL boards, chipsets & configurations on a equal to intel configurations basis losing past 10% in every single thing there compared against that can be ran ..... THEN I'll accept that its a total flop.

The only things the reviews have shown me is again as the one has sugested ..... just hold off with what i got & wait for the next revision & invest in a 2nd gen Sandforce SSD & 69xx or 7xxx series card to put into a piledriver or dare i even say intel cpu/motherboard upgrade IF things improve with piledriver ...

And just a friendly reminder to folks ..... if you haven't been around the pc game to remember the good ol days ..... no one buying / supporting AMD is going to usher that era back into play & your nice lil $1200 intel build is going to cost 3-5x's what it is now ... Ohhhh & intel with have no desire to put out improved architechure ....
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