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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
-bigadv is supposed to require a minimum of 6 cores visible to the OS. You can add the flag, but you'll still only get SMP units with your quad-core. The only reason the i7's can run them is because they have HT.
Actually there is quite a debate there, and of course people at Stanford don't want to get the necessary support, but it has been proved that Phenom II X6 clocked sufficiently high, over 3.8 GHz, can actually finish -bigadv units in time, before the preferred deadline. Done by saving the units on core i7 systems and manually transferring them on machines with PII X6. Even with HT, the 2 virtual cores share the same FPU, so for core i7 we have 4 FPUs while PII X6 has 6 FPUs. Officially -bigadv requires at least 8 threads to be seen, not cores, i7 has only 4 real cores. That is why i was considering getting an Ubuntu installation over an X6 to make it a -bigadv producer. but given the fact Bulldozer comes with 8 real cores and 8 FPUs I shall wait patiently.
there is a bootable CD for testing, but I don't think is with -bigadv, called notfred, I red something it has like 4 types of units, one of them being AMBER.
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