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Should I post another topic?

I'm having some trouble figuring out what is the better deal. :)

I am leaning towards either a 460 for $100 or a 560 but then that costs up to at least $180 (probably w/ rebate so over $200 to start with).

I have noticed a few (limited time) deals for a 560 for $130-ish. The 560 sounds like a cooler running, overclocked 460? Does that sound accurate enough?

Is the 560 really that much an improvement over the 460? I guess I should really try to get one if I go Nvidia?

I mostly wanted a Radeon 4870 for Linux purposes but a 58xx series would work just as well but would be more expensive.

Also, for you Windows users, is there a difference you find with drivers? Nvidia has traditionally been a lot better regarding quality of drivers, right?
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