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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
now it is..:)

q. were you expecting a higher gap from the 'regular' 240 outside of synthetic benches?
The fact that there is a noticeable gap in real life performance is in and of itself significant. Shaving 2 seconds off a record by only changing the NAND used is amazing. I can honestly say that this 32nm Toggle Mode NAND drive is my favorite of this generation (so far). It is the gold standard upon which all others will and should be judged.

At some point in the future we (probably) will have 120GB versions of the SF 2nd gen drives in the charts. What name it says on the label on the outside of the case remains to be seen. Thats all I can say now. Might even be a surprise drive or two show up at some point in the never know.
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