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Originally Posted by matari View Post
.... However it turned out to the pores and machine marks and exposure of copper underneath that caused the corrosion. I repeat EK's only mistake was not taking the blame from the start.

Iím very happy for you to see you are satisfy with this report, in that case I will have no problem to purchase EK block, as I just open it and put under my 4-200x Zoom Bino, it will reveal if those pores are present on my block, if so I just return it to the seller.

BUT what if itís not the cause or at least not the only cause, and the copper under the nickel, is poor quality or not prepare properly before nickel bath, I will not notice it under my microscope

AND what if itís cause by copper impurity. I will not see it also under my microscope

So if RRtech is right, Iím ok to use them after inspection But if not Iím not ok to use those block.

Take note that I donít approve or disapprove this report; but from the start they look in only one direction, as if they can be only 1 cause to the problem. EK did the same too, blaming the customer coolant. Now they seem to look other place.

I suggest we keep our objectivity in this thing, time will tell us .
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