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Yea baby !!

Ok.......I am taking the 'backplate' from the original thinktank to the welder's. :

Every hole inside the rectangle will be welded shut.....I'll be drilling new holes.

I have removed the top from the keg.

First I'd like to thank Mike and Ryan from Wildrose brewery In Calgary.Thanks for getting me the tank boys , I owe yah a beer....hahaha

Pressure let out , start hole drilled :

Sawed off......same jigsaw from thinktank 1....pooor f'in thing ....hahah

Top removed , ready for next stage ;


I have a bunch of glass ordered too.I'm making the original tank into a 3 wall Ln2 (hopefullly) container..

The tank shown will be going into another stainless steel tank just a wee bit bigger.......for the vacuum jacket.....

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