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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Yeah, you'd definately see a bottleneck, but the card would carry you forward when you upgrade the rest of the gear, & you'd still see a major improvement with your current rig.

You could also consider upgrading critical components (like your PSU.... :) ) which could be used with the current setup until the dust settles.

If it were me, I'd try (not too sure how successful I'd be.... ) to convince myself to invest in some good DDR2 ram & a PSU for future considerations.

It hurts like hell to spend money on something like the DDR2 which can't be used right away, but it saves on the outlay when you're finally ready to take the full plunge.
Waiting sucks, but sound like the option, bf2 is runnin ok as it is.Thought the Seasonic brand was a good one ,bought it before finding HWC

Bad deal for vendors stuck with higher end Optys and so forth , big price, less worth against Intel true ?

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