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Originally Posted by AmuseMe View Post
Eddy KNOWS that his company is in danger - plain and simple. Like many "reviewers", he is going to "stretch the truth", as much as possible to save himself. I honestly wouldn't trust anything released from EK at this point. I know some of you are asking "well, how can you trust anything from RRTech? Theyre a bunch of hardass ignorant pricks..." Well even so, I trust them. I trust them because they havent lied once in this hobby, about anything they've claimed.

RRTech is rough when it comes to issues like this, to the point where Rubidium rubs his own test results. (He's got a PhD in nuclear physics, along with other degrees in chem.)

I know a few people here, on HWC, that have had their "feelings hurt" over there, an that some people just straight out don't agree with how things roll over there. I'm not going to name names, but one of you in particular have had a hard time there. This post I just made is in no way directed to you, or for you. Do not think I'm insulting you... I'm just like everyone else right now, saying what I want.
I have been rolled probably harder than anyone over there and I think they offer value even if they pushed me away. You need a thick skin to roll there and not everyone is cut out for it.

As for this EK issue - I hope they do right by the customers in the end as that is what really matters. If they make good blocks other than the plating issue - then that is something that can be easily remedied. The customer service they provide in the process and if they find the fix the issues will be what defines them going forward.
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