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Can I just chime in with my "I told you so..." :D Called it, despite everyone thinking "yeah right man, PTNuke and Silver coil? You use anti-corrosive???"

.... wait for it.... told you!

Thought I'd throw in a snap of a block of mine that's been under Feser One for a few months. I guess you can never completely rule out manufacturing defects with any brand quite honestly; but I HIGHLY doubt EK would lie straight out about test results to the point of fudging association with the company that oversaw the testing and messing with data/images or something crazy like that, that I see others going on about. The results PDF is quite a good and interesting read actually. Highly recommend reading through for any watercooling hobbyist as there is information on why it's wise to run anti-corrosive 'just in case'. Specifically, the results mention other products and processed used in creating the blocks, as well as your radiators that may contribute to corrosion in cases without corrosion inhibiting coolant additives.

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