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Originally Posted by Dazmode View Post
If I read this right, EK says that Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO45H2O) based products (Pt-Nuke) will corrode their plating for sure, while anything else seems do not show the same symptoms. Protector is Feser Base in bigger bottle; a glycol based solution.

I have system that I run on pure water for 6 months (not even silver wire) and last two on mix of Feser green dye and Protector. I relly need that PC for work, but I will open it up and check what I have. My Supreme is from relatively fresh batch. If corrosion is present my decision process will be simplified dramatically.
Thanks Daz. I just need to be sure that a future RMA won't be rejected by EK if I get a nickel block for my 580 and run with Dazmode Protector. Not interested in anything on EK's approved list in order to RMA.
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