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Default Right Cabinet ASsembly

Originally Posted by sa seba View Post
There is nothing that Bondo can't fix ;-)
Ha, nice - does it stain too? ;)

Originally Posted by digitalcowboy View Post
did you start the spade from the line you'd drawn instead of moving it inside? or did you put a hole through the desktop which looks like its underneath? Good work on setting up the jigs for the straight cuts. you can sure breath a lot easier when you've something other than the hands of a surgeon to guide your router lol!
Yes, the jigs sure can make you breath easier eh? As for the hole... you'll see below.. woops!

Holy moly, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates folks - I've been sick for quite a while and the weather has been miserable so I haven't had much time to work on the desk. Apparently I had cedar poisoning! Wonderful!

Anyways - back on track!

Those of you who guessed it right - yes, I shouldn't have made the hole in the first place. I don't know what I was thinking. This is the right-hand cabinet.


Here's the biscuit joiner I was using. It worked pretty well for what it is. The tricky part was determining the order of which pieces/faces/sides to glue first and how to keep it all from falling apart before completion.

Here's the left-hand cabinet all dried and ready for some trim

And voila, my erm.. elegant clamping solution (I need to grab some cauls!)

Hope you enjoy! Rest assured, this project WILL BE FINISHED! Just.. mm, I don't really know when. I'm moving in a month and a half, so all the staining/sanding will have to be done, at a minimum.

Take care!
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