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As I stated in a private discussion, because of the relative size of our team compared to EVGA and OCN, every additional folder has a greater percentage impact. If we pick up 1 million PPD in additional help, it's a 50% increase for HWC, but would only be a 8% increase for EVGA.

However, I totally disagree with changing the rules partway through the challenge. This was discussed by the team captains before, and they were fine with it. It was obvious to me before the CC started that we'd have an advantage, as our average PPD during the 5 month total was 1.6 million, and immediately before the CC it was 2.2 million. We'd already increased our team PPD by 25% before the competition even started, and now we're being punished for that.

I'd suggest for next year, that the running average be taken from a period closer to the CC, rather than go back 7 months.
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