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Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
Yes, there has been a marked increase in the "Security Centre" virus. They exist for Windows XP, Vista and 7. They tend to mimic the MSE look and feel. I've had virtually every relative call me in the past month with the issue. I myself succumb to it on one of my PC's (and PS ena, I don't use facebook, or P2P).

I've also seen and heard of an enormous increase in Virus removal service requests for some local computer PC repair shops for that exact virus, though it was taken on a few different forms, but invariable it always mimics some sort of virus scanner.

There has also been a large number of websites that have been built to imitate a virus scanner, which I have noticed is where many of the infections happen. People click on the "close/exit" button, which is actually on the website itself and thus a hyperlink - and whamo - you have yourself a virus

However, I honestly am not to sure where I managed to contract it from. I only use the PC for note taking, research on the go and to answer emails (which is on a private domain & receives no email except form known contacts)
Banners on websites can contain malicious code that can become executed on your system. This is a very good reason of which I use Firefox and Ad Block for ..

The only time I've had any issues is when you click a stupid image on google images and it opens a tab and says your system is infected.

Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
Not too long ago on my notebook google brought up a link to one of those sites when I was searching for something completely different. This is the absolute first time I have ever even seen one in person. I detach the tab to it's own window and the veery top right close button (not something in the page) and File->Close (this was FF 3.6, it still has that menu option unlike FF4 mozillayoucocksuckers) did not work at all!
I had to open up task manager and kill firefox. I wish it separated individual windows into separate processes(without using the multiple profile workaround) -_-
So later I start up MSE and it removes some stuff in the cache and that is about it.(I did not click on anything in the page itself) So far so good.

I have a very important question.


Seriously. What. The. ****. That. Is. Bullshit.


The old internet was better.
Its not even that.. its pop up windows that say your system is infected and they have made the entire window a hyperlink that can compromise your system as well.

We had a system in here that we cleared out of viruses and they were back 2 weeks later infected again.
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