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I've retested the games where i was having issues with the card staying stuck in 2D mode, but it doesn't change my opinion of things (nor the benchmarks; i only averaged the working runs in the first place).

I think that the concept of the card is nice.

It's a far more elegant clean solution, unlike nVidia's SLI sandwich with which there's no innovation involved.

But Crossfire (& SLI) have many drawbacks even when working properly, too many for me to tolerate.

SLI would likely be a bit better performance with regards to minimum fps & performance where SLI doesn't work due to their stronger single cards being far better than AMD's, but it's still not an ideal solution IMO.

Of course, SLI also doesn't work with dual displays yet, so it's not something i'd even consider. (I don't consider disabling SLI...errr, turning on "Multi-Monitor Mode" functional dual displays.)

In short, damnit, bring on some real upgraded single GPU cards AMD/nV!
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